Our Story And Mission


King Career Consultants, Inc, was founded in 1989 by Jerry and Ed King, Frank Careese and James Schwab with the express purpose of “HELPING PEOPLE”.  It has proven to become the premier firm in it’s unique field. Part search firm, recruiter, head hunter, outplacement firm and trainer, King Career Consultants derives it’s thrust from it’s core mission: “Helping People find their higher calling and larger fulfillment in life is our Passion”.

Jerry King, a native of Charlotte, NC, graduated from UNC, and subsequently served in the US Army. He credits his Army Training for his passion for getting up before the rooster crows in the morning.  Ask any number of sleepy individuals who slog over to check their email on rising, only to find an email there from Jerry King: “Hi, saw your resume on the Internet! Would like to know how we can help you with your job search.”


It’s a personal message from a personable guy, who today has parleyed his penchant for meeting people and making friends into a business that has successfully helped thousands of professionals find their next position, a better position, usually higher paying.

Jerry says: “We’re the only ones really working for the individual client. Our loyalty is to them exclusively. Our life blood and extensive network is due entirely to the good will and referrals from our alumni, all over the US and abroad.”

King began a long and successful career with Jefferson Pilot Broadcasting. He held positions in virtually every department in the organization.  This career  enabled him to synthesize the various aspects of different careers, and distill how to spot cross trainable skill sets. These skills proved invaluable as he developed his Job Search Business.


King’s career experience includes broadcasting, health services, the auto industry, textiles, manufacturing, food/grocery and security. This variety is a key factor in the development of his extensive personal network, which is one of the key factors in the success of King Career Consultants.

Another key ingredient of the KCC success story is King’s extensive involvement with non-profits in the Charlotte area. On the Board of Directors of Easter Seals/UCP, King has leveraged his extensive contacts to expand his influence throughout the business community by virtue of those he serves within the community.  He has been Chairman of the Heart Association, Mercy Foundation, YMCA, Easter Seals/UCP, and has worked in the United Way, and CPCC. Jerry is also an Elder in the Presbyterian Church.

In 1991, King’s son Kip joined the firm, later becoming a key cog in the fulfillment and training portion of the business. Kip’s background was business, and he is also a graduate of UNC.

Each of the firm’s associates are also alumni of KCC and can thus testify to its efficacy. These professionals have a broad range of business and community service in their own right, allowing them to better speak to the needs and desires of the clients.

People from all walks of life have been helped by KCC. Since it’s inception over 25 years ago, thousands of professionals have benefited from the organization and “found that higher calling and larger fulfillment in life”.

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