What We Do



Our aim is to help every person we meet find optimal employment faster.


As a combination recruiter, placement agency, headhunter, search firm and outplacement trainer, we are capable of helping people in numerous ways.

Applicants often need help locating jobs within a specific field, discovering a profile of their ideal position or identifying their ideal employer.  Other applicants require guidance identifying ways to increase the scope of their search or insider tips to ensure they attain the jobs they apply for.

Whatever your needs, everything starts with a consultation. In this brief meeting, we thoroughly analyze your individual job search needs. Clients receive valuable advice and a clear understanding of how their job search will be improved. Consultations are free of charge.

The first task in the consultation is to fully review your career to this point.   We then explore the type of position you are seeking and the kind of organization you might like to work with.

Next, we look at how you are going about seeking this position and evaluate how we are able to assist you in your search. Sometimes we discover that there are only minor ways we can help. When this is the case we simply give you some valuable suggestions and advice.

For some clients there are vast ways we can help. In these cases we present all of the ways we can be of assistance and answer any questions you may have.

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